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Nairobi and Kisumu Area

From Compassion to Action, Liz Foundation Leads the Way.

Liz Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to creating positive and sustainable change in communities. Founded on the principles of compassion, collaboration, and empowerment, we work tirelessly to address key challenges affecting health, agriculture, education, water access, and more.

Our Projects: What We Do

Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Tomorrow: Liz Foundation's Vision for Positive Change

Ensuring clean water access for all, Liz Foundation implements sustainable solutions to address scarcity and improve sanitation.

In collaboration with local communities, Liz Foundation is actively involved in promoting sustainable agriculture and food security.

At the heart of our mission is education. Liz Foundation develops schools, offers scholarships, and initiates literacy programs.

Committed to a healthy community, Liz Foundation’s health programs range from medical outreach to preventive healthcare and education.

Educate, Empower, Elevate

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Our Mission

To give anyone going through a difficult period the assistance they need in order to improve their lot in life.

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Our Vision : Touching hearts and saving lives

Popular Causes

Join Us in Building a Better Tomorrow. Your Donation Transforms Lives.

Make a meaningful impact today by contributing to Liz Foundation. Your donation supports vital programs in water, food, education, and health, directly uplifting communities and fostering positive, lasting change. Together, we’re building a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Join us in creating a brighter tomorrow with your generous support.

Education Bursaries

Education transforms lives. Support our initiatives to build schools, provide scholarships, and promote literacy, empowering individuals and entire communities to break the cycle of poverty.

Clean Water Access

Millions lack access to clean water. Join us in bringing sustainable solutions to communities, ensuring a future where clean water is a fundamental right, not a luxury.

Health and Wellness

Healthy communities thrive. Contribute to our health programs, enabling medical outreach, preventive healthcare, and education, creating a foundation for resilient societies and improved well-being.

Help Other People

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade.

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Join Hands, Join Hearts: Become a Volunteer with Liz Foundation

Your membership isn’t just a commitment; it’s a partnership in creating a world where every community thrives. Together, we build, empower, and transform.

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Become a volunteer now

Ready to make a hands-on difference? Become a volunteer with Liz Foundation and be the driving force behind positive change. Whether it’s lending a helping hand in health initiatives, promoting education, or supporting water and food programs, your time and skills can create lasting impact. Join us in building a brighter future – volunteer with purpose today!

Community Strength, Liz Foundation’s Commitment


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